Meize Energy

The project company is one of the largest privately-owned wind turbine blade design and manufacturing companies in China. The company's products include 1.5MW, 2.0MW and 2.5MW wind blades. The current production capacity is around 300-400 sets per annum, enabling the target company to be one of the top 10 industry players by capacity size.

The investment was made in redeemable convertible preference shares which, on conversion, would represent an equity holding of 7.94 per cent. in Meize Energy. The exit strategy will be either a sale of the shares held by the company to an investor in a future round of financing, a merger or trade sale of Meize Energy, or through a redemption obligation under which Meize Energy is contractually bound to repay the investment, together with 12 per cent. per annum compound interest on the original investment amount, which is exercisable at any time from March 2014.