Corporate Governance

Section 7 Developing structures and processes


The company should determine governance structures and processes appropriate to it, based on:

- corporate culture;

- size;

- the capacity and appetite for risk and the tolerances of the company; and

- business complexity.

There should be a clear statement as to how the company intends to fulfil its objectives.

The company’s governance structures should evolve in parallel with the company’s strategy and business.


This website page provide full disclosure on the Company’s corporate governance.

The directors attendance at Board meetings in the previous 12 months to 31 July 2014 was as follows:

John Croft                   16 / (16)

Ernest Wong               16 / (16)

Hanson Cheah *              3 / (4)

Conor MacNamara      10 / (12)

* Mr. Hanson Cheah resigned on 19 November 2013.