Corporate Governance

Section 5 Meeting stakeholder and social responsibilities


Good governance includes the Board considering the company’s impact on society, the community and the environment.

Every company should consider its corporate social responsibilities (CSR). Any CSR policy should include narrative on social and environmental issues and should show how these are integrated into the company’s strategy. Integrating CSR into strategy will help create long term value and reduce risk to shareholders and other stakeholders.


The Board recognises the importance of sound corporate governance and takes into consideration the recommendations on corporate governance of the Quoted Companies Alliance for companies with shares traded on AIM.

The balance of  economic value to the Group and social impact is carefully considered, not only throughout the due diligence for any potential investments, but also on-going monitoring by of periodical site visits for the invested projects, with the maintenance of high environmental standards is a key priority. The Board is conscious of its responsibilities in relation to society, particularly in a developing economy such as China.