Corporate Governance

Section 3 Articulating strategy through corporate communication and investor relations


A healthy dialogue should exist between the Board and all of its shareholders to enable shareholders to come to informed decisions about the company.

Appropriate communication and reporting structures should exist between the board and all constituent parts of its shareholder body. This will assist:

- the communication of shareholders’ views to the Board; and

- shareholders’ understanding of the unique circumstances and constraints faced by that company


The Board attaches great importance to providing shareholders with clear and transparent information on the Group’s activities, strategy and financial position. Details of all shareholder communications are provided on the Company’s website.

The Company has appointed a professional Financial Public Relations firm with offices in London and Hong Kong to advise on its communications strategy and to assist in the drafting and distribution of regular news and regulatory announcements. Regular announcements are made regarding the Company’s investment portfolio as well as other relevant market and regional news.

The Company lists contact details on its website and on all announcements released via RNS, should shareholders wish to communicate with the Board.