Corporate Governance

Section 1 Vision and strategy


The board should express a shared view of the company’s vision and strategy, including detail of:

- what the company is working to achieve;

- the period in which its objectives are to be achieved; and

- what is required to achieve these objectives.

This view should be well communicated, both internally and externally.


The Company provides financing for companies that are typically SMEs in Asia with a focus on Greater China.

Transactions will be structured as senior debt, bridge loans, mezzanine finance and other types of structured private financing.

The Company is generally sector agnostic, but will focus on agriculture, clean energy, consumer, food and beverage, healthcare, new materials, real estate and resources.

The average maturity of the transactions will range from 6 to 24 months.

Ultimately the Company plans to transition its portfolio to one that consists entirely of income generating assets which will enable the Company to pay regular dividends to its shareholders.