Adamas Finance Asia is an Asian-focused diversified investment opportunity quoted in London, targeting above average income and capital growth. Our objective is to provide shareholders with unique access to a diverse portfolio of assets across a variety of sectors and geographies throughout Asia.

Adamas Finance Asia’s portfolio is managed by Harmony Capital Investors Limited (HCIL), appointed in May 2017. Harmony Capital's focus is the growth and management of Adamas Finance Asia's business including, but not limited to, assessing investment opportunities, managing portfolio investments and expanding the Company's capital base for investment. 

Adamas is the Greek word for diamond. Diamond is the most structurally robust and strong natural resource. It signifies longevity, durability, safety, not to mention rarity, exclusivity and value. These values are key attributes to Adamas Finance Asia and reflect the philosophy of our organisation.

The ordinary shares of the Company are admitted to trading on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange and Frankfurt Stock Exchanges.